Live Virtual Workshop

October 24, 2023
8 am-12 pm CST

Famous or Rich

Famous or Rich—which would you pick?

Most owners will choose fame. But there is a small group who understand fame and size is never worth the expense of the value of their business. Those owners are called Value Builders.

Get $4500+ in added resources when you register! When you enroll in The Famous or Rich Virtual Workshop you get:
  • The Famous or Rich Workbook (Exclusive Only to Participants- $50 Value- Included!)
  • Value Builder Score and Full Assessment ($500 value)
  • 90-day Free Introduction to The Value Builder System ($1,875 value)
  • Personal Readiness Scorecard ($175 value)
  • Personalized 1:1 Strategy Session (1 hour, $175 value)
  • 8 Drivers of Value Video Series ($400 value)
Use Your Course Certificate for 50%-Off a Formal Business Valuation ($1,500 value)

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