Preferred VR Partners

Welcome, Preferred VR Partners!

It is our goal at VR Business Brokers of St. Louis to deliver exceptional customer service and to add a professional benefit to our mutual clients by developing an integrated working relationship with the advisors and account managers who support those clients.

Our focus is on the client.  They are seeking professional services in their areas of need and the number of advisors they have to manage can be a lot!

Our clients rely on all of us as their trusted advisors for guidance and they expect all of us to help them bridge their knowledge gaps.  Whether you’re an accountant, attorney, financial or insurance advisor, lender, or business advisor, collaborating as a team on behalf of the client is how we, together, maximize our value in the client’s eyes.

That’s where our Preferred VR Partners Program comes in!

Let’s partner together and create a unified advisory team to streamline our basic administrative processes while maintaining our unique needs for confidentiality using tailored and customized best practices which benefit everyone involved.

Fill out the Preferred VR Partner form below to get started.  There is no obligation, it is entirely voluntary, and we treat every conversation as confidential.  Our focus is on servicing our mutual client and discussing how we can deliver the best client-focused services on their behalf between us.

We look forward to working together!

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