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VR Business Brokers of St. Louis offers two buyer’s programs:

The General Buyer’s Update Program

and our

VIP Acquisitions Program

The Buyer’s Update Program

The general Buyer’s Update Program is free to join and places you on our general Buyer’s Update email list.  This program is the traditional buyer’s newsletter, which contains related articles about buying a business, periodic “news blast” announcements, and snapshots and highlights for new business opportunities.  You also get access to “The Board Room” where you gain access to the DIY Buyer’s Checklist and you can begin assembling your Buyer’s Packet.  You also get a free account to VR University where you can access free and premium courses, webinars, and other resources to help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Buyer’s Update Program

  • Free to join.
  • Monthly Buyer’s Update Newsletter
  • Periodic “News Blast”
  • New Opportunity Snapshots & Highlights
  • The Board Room (Deal Planning and Document Vault)
  • DIY Buyer’s Checklist
  • DIY Buyer’s Packet
  • Access to VR University

The VIP Acquisitions Program

The VIP Acquisitions Program is for active buyers and private groups who are actively seeking targeted business opportunities and who are ready, willing, and able to engage with an advisor and make offers, perform due diligence, and buy a business. This service is based on a limited retainer which is credited to the Buyer at the time of closing (credit is limited not to exceed the Advisor’s success fee). This program typically takes 3-6 months to identify, prepare, and present opportunities and the retainer stops when an LOI, Term Sheet, or Purchase Agreement is signed. As a VIP program, we have bundled together a HUGE package of value-added services. We call it the VIP Acquisitions Program because we treat you to all of this…

VIP Acquisitions Program

• Retainer-based search service (Schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call for retainer details)
• Dedicated search services with assigned resources and targeted .
• Opportunities matched to your criteria.
• Exclusive “Coming Soon” announcements- hear about it before anyone else!
• “First Look” opportunities before other investors.
• Due diligence support & assessment.
• Guided access to our insider’s network of national and international business opportunities.
• Empire building strategies with franchises.
• FREE formal certified business valuation with each signed LOI/TS/PA.
• Personal introductions to our inner circle of strategic partners.
• Value Builder Score® Assessment & Outbrief
• Value Builder PREScore® Assessment & Outbrief
• Value Builder Freedom Score® Assessment & Outbrief
• Wealth-Profit-Value Gap Assessment
• Personal Readiness Scorecard
• “Keep It or Sell It” Test
• KPI & Metric Development
• Value & Growth Goals Workshop (The “Triggering” Event)
• Weekly Built To Sell Radio Podcast
• Monthly Article on Building Company Value
• Quarterly Webinar on Strategic Growth or Exit Planning and Building Company Value
• Bi-Weekly Strategy Sessions (Online)
• 8 Drivers of Value Video Series
• Built to Sell Implementation Guide
• 9 Subscription Models Implementation Guide
• Special Value Builder eBook (Select from 10 options)
• Online Access to the Value Builder System
• Online Access to VR University
• eMail Support
• Supported by a team of Certified Advisors
• Supported by a Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP)
• Supported by Certified Value Builder Advisors

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