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Here’s how the next 1 minute and 36 seconds can change the course of your business!

The Value Builder System is a statistically proven methodology that focuses on 8 key factors and 12 critical strategies to improve the overall value of your business.

We track and analyze your financial performance, cash flow, growth potential, revenue streams, marketing activities, customer satisfaction, key dependencies and company structure, in order to create both business and financial value.

The 3-Step Value Builder System
to Help You Grow a Valuable Business

Step 1:  Get Your Value Builder Score

Complete a 13-minute multiple choice survey, with just a few short fill-in answers, to assess the current state of your business.

Step 2:  Get Your Value Builder Assessment

Instantly get your score and see your report!

You will receive instant feedback following submission of your assessment and you will get to see your Value Builder Score right away.

The information is also generated into a Value Builder Score Report and you will receive an email with a link to access your free report.  One of our Certified Value Builder Advisors (VBA) will follow up with you for a strategy session to review the results of your Value Builder Score, answer questions, and take a more personable look at how the 8 key value drivers and the 12 strategic methods of building value can help to improve your business.

Step 3:  Plan Your Value Builder Engagement

Learn how to refine your Value Builder Score and how to apply the 8 key drivers of business value in a systematic and optimized plan focused on improving your score.  As you witness the transformation of your business from its original score to your new and improved desired score, you will see the value of your business increase and the “sellability” factor will go up.  This is how you attract serious buyers and position yourself, and your business, for the best exit possible!

Be advised, however, this is no walk in the park.  We don’t flood your email box with newsletters and spammy junk.  We also don’t make you watch hours and hours of boring videos and call it a day… nope!  We get into the details of your business, roll up our sleeves and help you build meaningful goals with real metrics and key performance indicators to track your progress towards growth and increased value.

The Value Builder Engagement program takes you through 12 tailored and customized sessions designed to help you prioritize your biggest value drivers and success factors.  Your VBA is skilled at working with you through your Value Builder Engagement backoffice and they will help guide you through the focus agendas, review the video training content and workbooks, and provide coaching and advice on designing your goals.  You get an accountability partner who is there for the journey with you the entire way.

Professional Consulting & Advisory Services

It is an easy thing to talk about all the ways your business could be more valuable.  It is also an easy thing to make excuses why you don’t have the time, money, resources, or personnel to do the things needed to add value to your business or to grow your business.  But… the easiest thing you can at least do is ask some questions.

Contact us today and lets have a talk about what you want from your business.  We will help answer your questions, offer some free advice, and at least we will be a future resource when you have questions.  Then, when you are ready to truly prioritize growing your business or developing an exit strategy,  we can show you how to make your business less dependent upon you and how to increase the overall value of your business.

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