Why VR?

Although we pride ourselves on providing a great deal of attention, thoughtful guidance and assistance to entrepreneurs looking to buy, our core focus is helping owners sell their businesses.

We work comfortably and happily with businesses that are quite small as well as with large companies with shareholders.

While there are certainly differences in the deal process between small and large firms (mainly in marketing approach and valuation techniques), the core activities involved with any business transfer – valuing, packaging, marketing, screening and negotiating with potential buyers, receiving and analyzing offers, final due diligence prior to closing, etc. – remain largely the same regardless of size.

Main Street

“Main Street” businesses, which we think of as firms having a value ranging from low six-figures up to a few million dollars, are handled through our Brokerage Group. We are confident the business owner will find it very difficult indeed to identify a comparable service to what we provide.

The VR approach of overseeing and guiding every aspect of the sale’s process is unusual among business brokers. The VR marketing methodology and the level of training provided to VR Intermediaries, as well as the deep, collective deal experience of the VR network of offices, is simply unmatched by any other business broker group, large or small. Selling a business is hard work and fraught with pitfalls and you want someone who has a plan, knows what to look for, and knows where we are going.

At VR, we benefit from this network and we are committed to being among the upper-echelon of VR offices when it comes to providing service and straightforward, expert advice to our clients.

Our model is 100% success-fee driven. We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

That being said, please bear in mind there is often preparatory work, on the part of your accountant and possibly others, that goes into maximizing the “sellability” and value of your business prior to the onset of marketing. We do not charge anything for our efforts and advice in this regard, but we may advise you to invest in a certified valuation report. These reports are an integral part of our marketing package. In addition, they generally provide value when it comes to minimizing price negotiations and/or obtaining buyer financing. If we do recommend you purchase a valuation report, the cost will be reasonable and will be fully reimbursed at the time of a successful closing to the sale of your business.

Is this a right time to buy or sell?

Schedule a confidential appointment with our agent and develop your exit strategy and prepare your business for sale.

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