Allstate History

Allstate was founded in Chicago in 1931 as part of Sears. Our chairman realized the importance of and need for insurance in getting car repairs without a lot of red tape. The current logo — the Good Hands® symbol — and tagline, “You’re in good hands®,” have been around for decades. These words and the ideas they evoked — trustworthiness, responsibility and skill — became the basis for what is now one of the most recognized slogans in the U.S. In fact, today two out of three people recognize that the Good Hands® icon is the symbol of Allstate.

Allstate By The Numbers

70,000 > Allstaters throughout the country and in Canada
10,000+ > Allstate Agency Owners
16 Million > Households
#81 > On the Fortune 100 List
$104.7 Billion > In Assets
$125 Billion > in Brand Value

Speaking Notes: Allstate is big. It is one of the nation’s premier brands. Today, there are more than 70,000 Allstate representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada. That includes about 10,000 Allstate Agency Owners who act as trusted advisors, helping to protect customers in big cities and small towns. They provide peace of mind with protection and financial solutions for more than 16 million households. They are #81 on the Fortune 100 list with billions of dollars in assets and brand value. Ask yourself, “Doesn’t this sound like the kind of company that I want to work with?”

Why Allstate?

Unlike many other insurance providers, as an Allstate Agency Owner:

 You own an economic interest in the Allstate policies you sell
 You build the value of your agency
 Your hard work is just that, yours

Speaking notes: Allstate is unique in the insurance industry. Unlike some competitors, which you also might be considering, at Allstate you own an economic interest in the Allstate policies you sell. As an Agency Owner, it’s not just about the revenue you earn along the way, but the value of your agency as a business asset as well. When you’re ready to retire or move on to something else, you can: Sell to an approved buyer. Sell it back to Allstate (for approximately 1.5 times your prior 12 months’ worth of commissions by electing a termination payment). Pass your agency on to an approved family member.

Industry: Insurance Agencies

Startup Cost: $0

Total Investment: $100,000 ( Minimum )

Financing Available: No

SBA Eligible: No

Veteran Opportunity: Yes

Home-Based Business: No

Discounts or Incentives: No



You own equity in the business you build.

Unlike other insurance agents, as an Allstate Agency Owner, you own equity in the business. Your hard work is just that, yours.