Assist U2 Build

Assist U2 Build

The Franchise

We offer franchises that assist consumers in managing their residential and commercial construction projects (“Consulting Businesses”). As a franchisee, your Consulting Business may offer a wide variety of services such as providing resources for stock floor plans; construction calculators; providing construction materials; loans; insurance; real estate sales; finding and evaluating land; evaluating goals; setting budgets; procuring subcontractor bids; and ongoing site visits. 

Consulting Businesses are operated under a system that includes our valuable know-how, information, trade secrets, training methods, a distinctive website; Manuals, standards, designs, trademark usages, copyrights, sources and specifications, confidential electronic and other communications, methods of Internet usage, marketing programs, and research and development connected with the operation and promotion of Consulting Businesses, all of which may be changed, improved, and further developed from time to time (the “System”). 

Each Consulting Business will typically be conducted from your home office or a small commercial space. You must operate your Consulting Business following our standard business operating practices and sign our standard franchise agreement (“Franchise Agreement”). Your Consulting Business must offer the products and services we authorize and require you to offer. We reserve the right to add, modify, or delete any services or products that you must offer or sell at your Consulting Business at any time upon written notice to you in our sole discretion. You must also obtain all necessary permits, licenses and approvals to operate your Consulting Business.

Market and Competition

The market for our services and products is competitive and is well-developed. You will have to compete with general contractors, construction management companies, remodeling services, national chains and independently-owned companies providing construction management and other services. 

Changes in local and national economic conditions and population density affect this industry and are generally difficult to predict. You will face other business risks that could have an adverse effect on your business, including pricing policies of competitors, changes to laws or regulations, changes in supply and demand, regional or national economic health, neighborhood demographic and traffic patterns, new technologies, and competition that provides related products.

Industry: Building and Construction

Startup Cost: $50,000 to $80,000

Total Investment: $63,500 to $229,000

Financing Available: No

SBA Eligible: Yes

Veteran Opportunity: Yes

Home-Based Business: No

Discounts or Incentives: Yes

Assist U2 Build

Assist U2 Build

Assist U2 Build - We are a California corporation that was formed on February 20, 2007. Our principal business address is 5411 Avenida Encinas, Suite 270, Carlsbad, California 92008. We do business under the name “AU2B®” and other trademarks we designate (the “Marks”).