Commercial Concrete Polishing Company for Sale in St. Louis, MO

Price: $550,000

Location: St. Louis, MO

Industry: Building and Construction

Listing ID: 42590029

Listing Status: Sold


Are you looking for a commercial business with mobility, scalability, and profitability in a niche market with little competition and high hurdles to enter? This company could position you with a unique head-start opportunity to pickup where the retiring owners are leaving off. This commercial concrete polishing company has seen double-digit growth in the last 5 years, including during COVID in 2020, and has proven indication (contracts in-hand!) to continue growing!

This business can be mobilized to service customers literally anywhere! The equipment is portable and the crews are accustomed to staying on the move from job to job. You can run this business from an organized home office or from a small office, or you can set up satellite offices or even develop a franchise model and grow as big your imagine can take you! You will need a small warehouse or large enough workshop to store and maintain equipment, but you don't need any special power (for example, no 3-phase and no commercial dedicated demarks) and no special accommodations. This business can be an absentee owner opportunity, but you will receive so much recognition and acknowledgement for the truly beautiful work and craftsmanship you company delivers that you won't be able to help being front and center as the face of your company!

And did we mention... the technicians aren't just your average every day union laborers- they are artists in their own rights and the polishing machines are the artist's tools! The machines are programmable and remotely controlled, but the equipment can be operated by hand for those fine-tuned areas and expert touches. There are two crews and two sets of mobile equipment and vehicles which service the 6-state region and can travel anywhere.

The business only caters to commercial contracting jobs. The projects are exclusively bid with little, if any, competition. The customers are nationally recognized industrial and commercial general contractors supporting government facility design-build projects, hospitals, auditoriums, sports complexes, schools, theaters, shopping malls, churches, and other commercial venues where federal and state requirements screen out the little guys- but not you! This business is setup to win these hard-to-get commercial jobs!


Down Payment: N/A

Total Sales: N/A

Cash Flow: $253,000



Accounts Receivable: N/A


Inventory: N/A


Non-Owner Payroll: N/A


Real Estate: N/A

Monthly Rent: N/A