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Welcome, Preferred Valuation Partners!

Do you cringe and wince every time you need to order a business valuation?

It is our goal at VR Business Brokers of St. Louis to deliver exceptional customer service and to add a more customized and tailored business valuation service which is easier to access and easier to manage.  We want to make the process of requesting business valuations to be an integrated extension of how your team uses them.

We understand everyone already has enough work to do on a regular basis, not to mention the new work that comes up when adding the request for a new business valuation arises.  Collecting the client information, gathering the client documents, finding the business appraiser and the real estate appraiser, and juggling the overall project management of the loan closing process… it can be a lot!

Consider how easy it would be if requesting a new valuation was just a click away!  Imagine being able to log into your valuation portal and seeing the status of your valuation and being able to talk directly to your assigned valuation analyst to get real time feedback and answers to your questions!

Yep, that’s what we want to do and we want to build that process so that it is an extension of your existing workflow!

We are excited about leveraging our new back-office technologies, coupled with the hard work of my team, to design a process that makes the request for business valuations just too easy!  The benefit is that if it is easy for you, then it is easy for us, and the result is an efficient process where we can all transfer that value to our teams and our clients.  The added benefit of saying, “Yes, we can get that started right now if you like…?” is going to change the way you previously thought of the hassle of requesting business valuations.

That’s where we want to come in.  We will take just a few minutes to talk about your current process, then describe how our process can be tailored and customized to help you, and then we go and we do it- together!

There’s no fee and no subscription and no hidden costs.  We have done a lot of valuations for a lot of different agencies and we know how frustrating it can be manually go through each one of these valuations and set them up and manage them.  Well, we took the time to step back, look for the common frustration points that we have seen from all these various engagements, and then invested our own time to brainstorm and test different process solutions until we finally found something that could be set up and tailored for anyone who has a regular need to order business valuations.

To get started and to become one of our Preferred Valuation Partners, simply fill out the form below.  Once we receive our information, we will follow up with you and get everything going!  The set up is easy and we will show you how it works!

We look forward to working together!

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