VR Master Business Intermediary (MBI®)

Ongoing Education and Professional Development

Through the proprietary VR Master Business Intermediary Academy® we provide the most extensive proprietary training programs in the industry for our full-time professional intermediaries.

Education and professional development build the future of any world-class organization. VR acknowledges this responsibility for internal training by making a long-term commitment in establishing the VR Master Business Intermediary Academy. With close to 100 courses and presentations already developed and available, the ability to train and support new intermediaries is creating value for the entire organization while enhancing the quality of representation services within the business advisory profession.

This commitment to investing capital in our people and their education differentiates VR from other advisory agencies that rely solely on trade association seminars for training rather than investing capital internally to train their agents. Our blended training approach, combined with the input from the VR Educational Task Force, allows us to offer regional training, international conferences, virtual and live classrooms, industry accreditation courses, best practices panels, along with the ever-growing inventory of online courses, to VR owners and intermediaries for free.

VR attracts the best people to the organization by offering vehicles to educate and support operations which ultimately result in successful transactions. The bottom line…VR invests in ongoing education and professional development for the benefit of its team and the responsibility owed to its clients.

VR is committed to give our intermediaries the best training and tools to be successful. From the classroom to the marketplace, ongoing continual training, support, and professional development is vital to our organization’s success.

For those intermediaries who have gone above and beyond by distinguishing themselves through additional training and certification, we recognize them with the designation of VR Master Business Intermediary (MBI). You can feel confident that when working with a VR intermediary who is MBI certified, you are working with a trusted, knowledgeable, and experienced business advisor.

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